Soul Patrol – Episode 72

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Soul Patrol – Episode 72

In This Episode…

Stop doom scrolling and start steaming this episode! We’ll hear new music from POOLCLVB, Big Wild and PINES as well as songs from Gorillaz, The Gap Band and Earth, Wind & Fire in this episode. We’ll also talk about the new movie Palm Springs staring Adam Samberg and Cristin Milioti (no spoilers!). Plus, we talk about the Arctic on fire. No that’s not a band. The Arctic is literally on fire. So we got that going for us. Stop doom scrolling!

Playing Tracks By

Lucky To Be Loved By You Willie Hutch 100 Hits, Space (2019) POOLCLVB Space, K-Jee Nite-Liters Rock Instrumental Classics, Gorillaz, Permission to Love (2013) Hayden James Permission to Love and more.

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