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An hour long exploration of Soul, Funk, and R&B music as well as a good dose of Chill, Deep House and Indie Rock are offered within each episode. Soul classics meet contemporary hits with finely curated playlists. Dave offers his insights on popular culture focusing on the human condition and our shared experiences.


Interviewing contemporary musical acts as well as artists from years gone by Dave uses the long form interview to find out what challenges, excites and inspires these artists. Interviews include: Martha Wash (Sylvester, C&C Music Factory, Black Box), Portugal’s own funky dynamo Da Chick and Brooklyn’s electric-funk duo Paris Monster. 


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in a 17th century homestead, climb a mountain under extreme winter conditions or discover where the largest battle of the Revolutionary War took place? Well that’s just some of the places Dave goes in his eclectic, entertaining and informative field pieces. 

 Soul Patrol Episodes, Artist Interviews
 Field Pieces 

The Soul Patrol brings you classic Soul, Funk and R&B music while mixing in contemporary deep house, chill and indie Artists. Our interviews dive deep into how Artist find their muse and we also go out into the world with our informative, thoughtful field pieces. 

Martha Wash – Interview

Keats5000 · Martha Wash interview Martha Wash Our interview with the legendary singer

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Battle of Brooklyn

Keats5000 · Battle of Brooklyn Green-Wood Cemetery We talk with GWC resident history Jeff Richman about the Battle of Brooklyn that took place on around The Green-Wood Cemetery grounds.

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Martha Wash – full interview

Keats5000 · Martha Wash full interview Interview We talk with the legendary vocalist about her time with Sylvester, C+C Music Factory and Black Box. We also discuss her time with[…]

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A few things we’re great at

Not only audio but entertainment 


Simply the best DJ for private and corporate events in the metro NYC and Catskills region. Whether it is a wedding, birthday party, holiday celebration, engagement party or a corporate event Dave caters to the specific needs of each event with his entertainment expertise. With years of experience DJ Diamond Dave brings an affable and inviting disposition to his work. He hits just the right balance between ceremony and celebration.


With years of experience as an event host Dave has traveled across America and Asia working with the United States Navy entertainment branch MWR, Shea Communications, Degy Entertainment, Disney Live! and others. Dave has hosted hundreds of events and works diligently with the event sponsors on run-of-show specifics, talking points and promotions. Nothing is left to chance when Dave is Hosting you special event.

DJ Diamond Dave brings.


Nothing is left to chance when Dave is running your event. A veteran Event Planner with Hospitality Industry experience Dave has the knowledge based to seemlessly coordinate all vendors from catering to floral and from entertaiment to event staff. Dave is maticulous when it comes to planning and executing your special event.


Proficient in ProTools and Hindenburg editing software. These are the tools of the audio trade and knowing how to use them effectively and efficiently are the key to success. Dave knows how to take disparate audio elements and blend them into a seemless audio piece.


Making Compelling Audio

Generating relevant story ideas, writing concise and cogent scripts, script editing and adhering to top level audio production practices all combine to make compelling audio. 

The Story

Whether it is an evergreen story or an item taken from news headlines beginning with a kernel of an idea that resonates with people is essential in producing engaging audio content.


Fiction and non-fiction story telling both depend on one crucial factor. Interesting characters. Seeking out and interviewing people from diverse backgrounds is something we love doing.


Essential to any audio story is editing. Making a story flow seamlessly from one portion to the next taking the listener on an audio journey is an art form. We have perfected that art by judicially timing the beats of a story to perfection.


Combining the appropriate music with the right sourced audio is paramount in conveying the proper tone of a story. We pride ourselves on taking the time to create exquisite sound design for each audio piece.


Anatomy of a Podcast

Once you have the components of an engaging audio story what do you do with them?


Writing for the ear is very different than most other forms of writing. Sign posting for the listener and guiding them through the story is key to keep them listening. Writing conversationally and in short declarative sentences not only helps the listener but also saves time in the audio editing process. 


Using only the best audio equipment is essential in producing engaging audio. If your story doesn’t sound good people are not going to listen. GXL 2200 microphones, the latest Mac computers, Mackie mixing consoles and Pro Tools software are all utilized in producing our audio content.


Simply reading a script is not enough. You need to understand who your audience is for any given story. Sports? Your going to want to keep the energy level high. A story on the loss of a loved one? A reverent, softer tone is called for. A piece on comedy? Try literally smiling while you read the script.
Tone matters and striking the appropriate one is going to keep your listeners coming back.

Post Production 

Being proficient at audio editing is aided by using the proper tool. Hindenburg and Pro Tools are our go to editing tools but familiarity with Logic Pro and Audacity helps in staying on time with deadlines for our clients.


Creating a Memorable Event 

So much goes into to planning your special day. That may be your wedding, anniversary, birthday or corporate event. All of those events have specific requirements. Anticipating the challenges associated with each individual event is key to having a flawless celebrating.


Meeting with our clients and having a detailed account of goals and expectations is key to having a successful outcome.


Finding the perfect vendors tailored specifically for your special event makes a fun occasion into an unforgettable one.

Walk Through

Location, location, location. Where you are having your event matters so it is imperative we go there and meet with the house manager and leave no questions unanswered. Preparation wins the day everyday in event planning.

Crisis Management 

No one likes to think something will go wrong during their special event. Invariably something does but it’s up to your event planner to stay cool under pressure and quickly find the best possible solution while your guests are non the wiser.


Knowing Your Needs & Meeting Them

We pride ourselves on finding the right tone and making compelling audio.


Finding the right tone is not always easy but when done properly it keeps the listener engaged. 


Doing it right the first time saves time and money. 


Outlining your audio story is a fundamental way to ensure the listener stays with you on a shared audio journey.

The Voice

All good storytelling is based on interesting characters. Having the ability to convincingly voice a variety of characters gives us the ability to bring your story to life.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

 When a podcast project fell behind schedule, Dave stepped in to edit previously recorded dialogue and musical excerpts across a range of genres. Combining technical expertise and a feel for cadence, he wrapped things up efficiently.

John P.

Editorial Director
Jubilation Research International

I loved, loved, loved the podcast.
Thank you so much.
You have a great voice. You should be doing voice-overs for TV commercials.

Marion Duckworth Smith

Riker Museum and Homestead

I needed multiple elements of music and comentary edited into a cohesive   and entertaining audio piece. Dave did a great job. I highly recommend his services. 

Phil Gordon 

Bassist – Thigh Highs 

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All-Encompassing Audio & Entertainment

Dave will help you realize your vision. Wheather it is an quick voice-over narration or a more extensive audio editing and producing role he will handle it with aplomb. If you’re looking to put on a special event Dave can handle that too. With years of production management experience he will make sure your event is a smash hit with your guests.



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  • V/O Narration
  • Corporate & Industrials
  • Audio Books
  • Voice Characters & Accents
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Audio Editing & Design


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  • Podcasts & News Pieces
  • Sound Design & Music Acquisition
  • Narrative & Non-Narrative
  • Long Form & Short Form
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  • Personalized Event Planning
  • Hiring Great Vendors
  • Food & Venue Coordination
  • DJ’ing Your Perfect Mix
  • Custom & Budget Packages
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